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Voice over IP

To say that the VoIP revolution has improved and expanded the functionality of corporate communications in the past decade is quite an understatement. However, along with the incredibly positive impact of VoIP, it has created many challenges in the resulting hybrid environment of PSTN (traditional) telephony and VoIP.

VoIP PBX Features

  • Call recording with a Web interface to search recordings

  • Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Email functionality

  • Flexible IVR configurable by a Web Inteface.

  • Voice synthesis support

  • Extension Batch Tool to create large numbers of extensions using CSV files.

  • Integrated Echo Canceller

  • Phone provisioner, configurable via a Web Interface. Allows configuration of a large number of IP phones in a short time for supported phones.

  • Support for video phones

  • Hardware detection interface allowing quick & easy setup of a range of popular telephony hardware.

  • ntegrated DHCP server to dynamically assign IPs to the IP-Phones

  • Operator panel. Monitor PBX activity via a graphical interface and perform call transfers and parkings by a simple drag-n-drop. * Call parking allowing calls to be picked up at any extension.

  • Call Detail (CDRs) report within you can search calls based on different criteria as date, extension number, etc

  • Billing report from which you can filter by destination, source

  • Report of channels used by technology (SIP, ZAP, IAX, Local, H323)

  • Support for call queues including static and dynamic agents

  • Conference Center. Allows setup of temporary scheduled conferences or static conference rooms via Web Interface * Support the following protocols: SIP, IAX, H323, MGCP, SKINNY, etc

  • Supported codecs: ADPCM, G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law), G.722, G.723.1 (pass through), G.726, G.729 (through a commercial license), GSM, iLBC

  • Support for analog interfaces as FXS/FXO (PSTN/POTS)

  • Support for digital interfaces as E1/T1/J1 through protocols as PRI/BRI/R2

  • Support for bluetooth interfaces through cell phones (chan_mobile)

  • Caller ID supported.

  • Multiple Trunk support.

  • Incoming and outgoing routes with support dial pattern matching which gives flexibility

  • Follow-me support

  • Support for ring groups

  • Support for paging and intercom for supported IP Phones

  • Support for call routing based on Time Conditions

  • Support for PIN sets

  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) - Direct access to the PBX via External Line

  • Callback * Web based file editor to manually edit the Asterisk configuration files

  • Web based interface to the Asterisk console called the CLI


  • Fax server based on HylaFax

  • The fax functionality is administrable via Web

  • Fax visor integrated. The faxes can be downloaded from the Web in PDF format *

  • Fax-to-email application

  • The email template (from fax-to-email) can be customized

  • Access control for fax clientes (white list)

  • Can be integrated with the WinprintHylafax plugin. This applications allows to print any document to a virtual fax from a Windows application.


TNG is a web-based TMS (Telephone Management System) that allows you to identify and manage problem areas of your business telephone account. Its ‘Drill Down’ report functionality ensures that all information - from summarized to detailed - is available on a single report. You can view a summary report and drill down multiple levels to the detailed calls from within a single report without the need for any reloading or extra searches.

TNG is designed to run on both Windows and Linux operating systems, with the focus on ease of use, ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

It supports a large and ever-growing number of PABXs.

How will TNG benefit your business?
It is a well known fact that a Telephone Management System can save any company up to 30% in telephone costs. TNG provides comprehensive reports to assist you with this. It also provides standard features for highlighting exceptional abuse in many aspects of phone usage. This includes cost, duration, and time taken to answer calls. These abuse flags are available in a live screen monitoring tool as well as via reports for later consideration. From an ease of use and maintenance perspective you do not need any specialized skills to use or manage TNG. Because it is web based, it can be accessed by up to 10 concurrent departmental heads at the same time, from any of the computers on your network. TNG also provides full access control to ensure that information is only available to those who need access to it.

Key features

  • Summary reports contain drill down features to the detailed level.
  • User-friendly web-based user interface.
  • End-user configuration and maintenance.
  • Installs on a single PC.
  • Accessible from anywhere on the network through your standard Internet/Web browser.
  • Full system maintenance access through a secure administrative login.
  • Departmental head access levels can be limited to specific departments only, or full access including general maintenance.
  • Export data in real time for third-party applications through a TCP port and text file.
  • Fast non-database system to ensure reliability, reduce report generation time and enhance overall system performance.
  • Automatic deleting and archiving of old data.
  • Simple and powerful rates system.
  • Cost comparison between service providers with our call-costing calculator.
  • Phone book facility to categorize, identify and search for telephone numbers.
  • Supports both account codes and pin codes.
  • Data Buffer warning can be enabled to let you know when the memory is almost full.
  • Data Buffer supplied as standard with TNG.